Optimisation of Project Management (PM) Methodologies/Processes

Did you know that statistics have shown over 60% of projects did not meet their schedule, budget and quality goals? (IBM)

Whether your in-flight projects utilise Prince2, PMI, APM, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall or other approaches there will always be room for improvement to streamline your delivery model.

Excessive amounts of effort and frustration are wasted on preventable risks and issues which can be eliminated or at least mitigated with the correct investment.

No two companies are the same, each organisation has its unique DNA and so requires bespoke processes to improve effectiveness, enabling you to deliver predictable projects to your customers.

agile are able to provide a flexible objective service to analyse your current practices, provide solid recommendations and implement agreed solutions, improve employee satisfaction and increase stakeholder and customer confidence.

Optimisation of project management